Because of closer relationships with their employees, small firms are in an ideal position to spot if and when somebody is struggling with their mental health.

many employees are now being encouraged back into the workplace after months of working from home or furlough. Although this return to ‘normal’ is welcomed by some, many employees will have concerns about this. When coupled with other stressors, this can have a significant impact on their mental wellbeing.

Whilst large businesses may have the benefit of an HR department and a range of support services, in reality small businesses may be better placed to support employees through this time. Management and colleagues in smaller firms may have a closer relationship with their staff than is sometimes possible in a larger, more anonymous, place of work, which means they could be more able to spot when someone is struggling.

The  pandemic and all it has entailed thus far has, unsurprisingly, taken its toll on the mental wellbeing of many people. Employees’ anxieties have been wide-ranging, including worries about their own health, the health of their families, the impact of the restrictions, financial worries, depression brought about by isolation, grief for loss of freedom, the sheer impact on the world and, of course, there are many who have been bereaved.

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