Focusing on morale for remote employees is crucial and will pay off for leaders who want to manage a successful remote team. You might fear that lack of in-person interaction and isolation could poorly reflect employee engagement for remote workers without the office-culture setting most are used to.

We’ve got actionable strategies to boost and keep high remote team morale:

Communicate and Stay Connected
Regular group check-ins for open communication with your remote teams will enhance their confidence to do their job successfully because when you care, they care. Address their issues, create a safe space for them to discuss their stressors, and be proactive in providing support to those who may need it.

Set Clear Expectations
Reiterate your company’s values and mission, relaying the messages of your goals and how integral your remote employees are to achieving them. You want them to feel connected to the work they’re doing. Be sure you’re hiring adaptable people to change and work well to self-motivate under these conditions.

Ask Employees What They Need
Your employee wellness matters to you, but you face challenges in your management duties. If you want a positive virtual work environment, give them a voice by encouraging and validating their insight. Ask them.

Respect Private Time
A flexible schedule is an asset to everyone, but flexibility does not mean “always available.” No employee wants to feel like they’re always accountable to their management because there are no office hours.

Let Loose Sometimes
It’s essential to take breaks, laugh, and allow for downtime. Consider a virtual breakroom, a chance to be themselves amongst their colleagues, and mingle in a communal atmosphere. This could be a 10-minute coffee talk or a quick little game in-between tasks.

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